Shazana Raja, Marketing Director
AsiansUK Magazine & Social Network feel honoured to have partnered with The Indian Art Centre in marketing the exceptional ‘Balraj Khanna – A Journey of His Own’ exhibition. Their use of cutting-edge 3D technology allowed art enthusiast from around the world to visit the exhibition, making it accessible to a wider audience and encapsulating the current obsession with online platforms. AsiansUK would certainly recommend The Indian art Centre to all art enthusiast.
Shazana Raja, Marketing Director Asiansuk.com
Mr & Mrs B., Private collectors
Congratulations! What a beautiful exhibition! What wonderful paintings, as enchanting and exuberant and joyous as ever!
Mr & Mrs B., Private collectors
Faisal Shafi, Editor, Interviews and Events
On behalf of DESIblitz.com, we would like to congratulate both Lucie Marchelot and Balraj Khanna for putting up such a great exhibition – Excellent work.
Faisal Shafi, Editor, Interviews and Events DESIblitz.com