Limited Edition Prints: Rodin’s Kiss – a Valentine’s Day mash-up of romance, culture and collectability

Raksha Patel The Kiss Prints

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Rodin’s Kiss is one of the most iconic sculptures of modern Western life, depicting a tender moment on a monumental scale. The marble statue has become synonymous with romantic gestures and blends a strong erotic charge with the idealism of true love.

Raksha Patel and The Indian Art Centre have collaborated to release this set of limited edition art prints in time for Valentines’s Day, as a sophisticated and thought-provoking exploration of the role of romantic love in our mass-produced age where gesture of love have become global and disposable. Ideal for lovers, for art-collectors and for those fascinated by the iconography of great works of art, these fine art prints provide an unsentimental and strongly graphic response to one of the world’s best known artworks.

Patel, who is London-based and trained at the Slade and St Martin’s School of Art, has a strong pedigree of international exhibitions, projects and commissions. In this new venture, she has given Rodin’s Kiss a fresh perspective, blending the multi-layered screen prints with 1960s pop culture to create an accessible but provocative take on the role of iconographic images in the modern psyche, especially images that have become part of mass media consumption.

Each limited edition print is powerful and highly collectible and will be offered at £250 each, a price that puts them within the scope of new collectors as well as providing a unique and distinctly affordable investment for those who love new print works and who will find the Kiss by Patel to be a substantial addition to their collection.


Limited Edition of 12 prints
Approximately 30 x 37cm each
Signed and numbered
£250 each

1 purple on peach paper | £250

1 black on yellow paper | £250

1 yellow and red on white paper | £250

1 yellow and red on white paper | £250

1 yellow red and blue on white paper | £250

1 yellow red and blue on white paper | £250

1 black and green on white paper | £250

1 blue and yellow on white paper | £250

1 yellow red and black on white paper | £250

1 yellow red blue and black on white paper | £250

1 red green and yellow on white paper | £250

1 yellow on white paper (the artist proof)



For purchase / enquires contact Lucie on

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