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An Indian carved ivory figure of Krishna

Late 19th century
Ivory- wood
19 cm x 7.8 cm (including base)
Provenance: From the UK Art Market

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Krishna is the eight and most worshiped and popular of the ten incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu. This ivory carving represents him standing in Tribhanga Mudra, one leg bent in front of the other, with the flute raised to his lips(posture derived from Indian classical dance) as SriVenugopal, the flute-player (please note that the flute is missing).

This representation of Krishna relates to his pastoral life as a cowherd. His magical flute would charm nature and animals as well as invite the gopis (milkmaids)to join him to dance.

He is depicted with his attributes: the peacock feather crown, the (missing) flute, long jasmine garland around his neck,wearing a dhoti (traditional Indian male garment).

Subject to CITIES regulations when exporting this item outside the UK (Conforming to CITIES regulations all ivory artworks offered date pre 1947)


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