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An Indian carved ivory group of a Maharaja on a state elephant


Late 19th century
23 cm x 16 cm x 9.5 cm
Provenance: From the UK Art Market

This unusually large ivory group shows a procession with a Maharaja and his consort on a state elephant. Both seated on the howdah (carriage positioned on the back of the elephant) with the mahout (the driver of the elephant) guiding the elephant at the front. Two soldiers at the front are riding horses and another four are standing at each corner of the ivory plinth.
Highly decorated elephants of this type were used to carry rulers during ceremonials.

We have sourced a beautiful Victorian glass dome with mirror base that fits the ivory group to perfection, as you can see on the pictures. If you are interested to buy the dome with the ivory group we can sell the two for £1,350.

Subject to CITIES regulations when exporting this item outside the UK (Conforming to CITIES regulations all ivory artworks offered date pre 1947)



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