An Art Star Emerges in London

Raksha PAtel at her London studio

Occasioned by the Indian Art Week hosted in London, emerging British artists of Indian descent, like Raksha Patel, find a welcoming place and fertile land to plant their seed of artistic quest to conquer the unknown and unexplored in unique ways never perceived before. Raksha, who was born and raised in Leicester, has decided to make a long and spiritual journey through the darkest spaces of her mind, bringing new life to the lifeless; the aged; the insignificant. Challenging us all to explore and find ourselves, or even redefine our deeper egos, through nature. Perhaps find the true meaning of time and life itself.

To most of us, a simple stroll outside, would be just relaxing. To Raksha, it is inspiring and creative; a source of creation. The dead leaves and the transformations of the sky throughout the day obtain life in her paintings, and gain a different meaning. She uses fragments from what she sees around to create beautiful and sometimes surreal face-like imprints. Nothing is ever only what it looks like. Raksha dives into deeper waters, only to emerge with a work of art so unique and extraordinary. What appears charming and attractive, hides decay and repulsiveness. What might look innocent, could be just an illusion. And what seems to be a towering fountain is, in fact, the psychedelic depiction of the human blood that swirls in the body.

Have you ever imagined that a God could have elements from the sunset; the trees; the rivers? With an altered sense of color, paint, and materials that seem forgotten or aged, Raksha, with the thoughts of impermanence flowing through her veins, is here to change the global landscape of arts, with her works. A mind giving birth to so much creative and artistic expression, is a mind that will definitely meet glorious days.


Raksha in her studio

Raksha has all the potential to become a future art star in London and the world over. For the last 14 years, her works have been displayed in most of the globe’s leading museum and galleries. Taking into consideration that she made her first baby steps in a small studio offered to her upon her graduation, she has certainly gone a long way.


London is very fortunate to nurture such a much-promising award-winning artist that praises the Indian art, in an attempt to build a legacy for new generations of Indian artists, as well as those that find India a shining light in the midst of commercialization and lost arts. Her thoughts and memories, infused with Hindu imagery and Eastern spirituality allow Raksha’s reveries to unleash their potential and become amazing works of art that raise controversy and debate, and seek to make you question what you think you see and know.

India has contributed to shape the world’s history in many ways than one. If investing in art is something that gives life a meaning, and if you see art as a means to touch the divine and higher levels of consciousness, Raksha’s paintings will speak to your heart. And, if the Indian art could ask for a worthy representative to leave valuable heritage to generations to come, Raksha’s name will not be forgotten.


To browse the catalogue Raksha Patel – Paintings and Drawings click here


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