Balraj Khanna – A Journey of His Own


The concept initiated by Lucie Marchelot, director of The Indian Art Centre, is to create an online pop up exhibition that people can access anywhere at any time during 10 days. The use of cutting-edge technology allows users to have a unique 3D experience in the comfort of their homes.

As you scroll through a dazzling panoramic display, you can click on each artwork and a window will pop up on the screen with their descriptions, prices and zoomed photographs allowing a closer inspection.

The virtual gallery features two rooms specially designed for the event to provide a strong and realistic effect of how paintings could be arranged in various types of interiors.

The digital exhibition presents paintings created by the artist during the last 50 years of his distinguished career. The mixture of works reflects Khanna’s own journey as an artist as well as his personalised vision of life and aesthetic approach. A highly anticipated series of small format works realised by the artist in the 1960’s and 1970’s will be offered to collectors for the first time.

Since BalrajKhanna was once described by Bryan Robertson as “one of the most distinguished painters living in England,” the high level of interest in his online pop-up art exhibition is not surprising.

The gallery will open its virtual doors on the 6th of June and the event will run until the 16th of June 2013.

Interested parties, who wish to see the works in the flesh, are welcome to arrange a private view at the artist’s studio in London. A series of exclusive bonuses will be available to buyers during this event only.

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