Why Should You Consider Buying Indian Art?


1. Home Decoration

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the aesthetics in our home reflect who we are, and what we stand for. Our days revolve around traffic jams and queues at conglomerate coffee houses; we work through our lunch breaks and leave our offices tired and jaded, to spend our hard earned cash on ready meals when we’re too tired to cook.

We’re in danger of getting caught up in the rat race that is modern day living, and casting aside the simple pleasures in life; our precious homes, families, hobbies and interests which remind us of our roots and our individuality.

It’s so important that the home is a sanctuary for comfort and relaxation; it’s a place to be proud of, to be admired by friends and family. Orientalist art became fashionable in the West in the nineteenth century, and remains just as popular today. Indian artwork adds a fine touch to any interior, be it traditional or modern. If you’re thinking of employing an interior design consultant to help you work Indian art influences into your home décor effectively, we recommend Juliette Byrne (www.juliettebyrne.com). Juliette is an established interior designer who specialises in blending classic and contemporary styles, in town and country homes.

2. Owning an Antique

To own an antique Indian piece, which has likely been around for over 100 years, is truly remarkable. History lives through antiques; they nourish the soul and bring positive energy into the lives of those who look after them.

What’s more, owning antiques can really benefit the environment. The annual emissions of recycled vintage pieces are up to one sixteenth of their modern equivalents, and are built to last. So, it follows that when you buy an antique Indian piece, you invest in the future!

3. Hindu and Philosophical Pieces

As well as our beautiful range of Indian art and antiques, we have a vast collection of Hindu items here at the Indian Art Centre. If you’re Hindu, these can help you worship your Gods. Owning such a piece can really demonstrate your devotion to your deities, and inspire your friends and family to show the same level of respect in your home.

If you aren’t religious, don’t rule these pieces out. Not only do Indian collectibles have fantastic aesthetic appeal in the home, they serve as a pertinent reminder of the philosophical themes that are integral to everyday life.

4. Art Investment

Collecting Indian art can be extremely rewarding and is a great way to invest your money. Whether you are interested in collecting paintings by contemporary artists which are sure to gain value over time, or buying pieces to decorate your house which can later be passed down through generations as family heirlooms, we can help. At the Indian Art Centre, we monitor the latest trends and upcoming artists, so we can help you to source new pieces, or sell your existing pieces at the right time.

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